Monday, February 28, 2011

Time Goes Out~

Hi Everyone.. <3
hehe... yaa... sorry for not updating for long... so busy with my exam today n seminar didik... fuhhh... now, im tired... today, the van leave me again at morning.. adooi... i didnt tell it was van fault bcause im wake up late.... huh... so, there many thing happen one week past... when i go to seminar, Isa n khairunisa, my classmate in year 5 at sk sungai tisang was there... but can say helo to Isa only, khairunisa was not.. huhu... i thing she didnt know anymore!! shit... i know i not beautiful... fine.. hahaha.. ok then... i was too tired to write now.. ahhh... i need to bath, but i was to lazy to do it... ooohh... plizz... ohh!! im forgot... i was meet Farhana there... hahaha!!! so, al-fatihah to hijranie's friend (i didnt know his name) was passed away in one week ago...(x ingat laa) so, now, i want to sleep with school uniform... hahaha

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Dairy...

Hi Everyone... <3
shitty van!! the van was pick up me n my cousin was leave we at the school... holyyy shitttt!!! dah laa memangg tired time ya... shittttt!!!! imagine that, no bath, no changing a clothes, no eat n blabla....!!!! im feeling lucky when tiffany was staying at school n after that go to library... before that, i meet sandra n daniel at the lobby... they made something funny... hahaha.. but, i still worried when i can go back home.. who can pick me? huhuhuh... after doing something at crazy at Dewan Teratai there(hehe), go to library with tiffany n my cousin... a thing make me disappointed, erwin n theopilus was joined,,,.. ohh... how can i feel comfortable at time,... n, guess what, i so shocking when Muiz coming tooo!!!!! ohhh... my cousin make some noise besides me n im feeling headache, at last, im joined together... hahahaha... we feeling lucky again when we meet Harith at bus stop, n Mok Zul n Mok Mislili can send we to home.... at last!!!! when, we was arrived, mama, ibu n nenek was calling... ohhh... especially, mama... she soo worried until i feeling pressure!!! she like blamed on me!! its not my fault!!!! its Bonicha!!!! she didnt tell van's uncle to wait a few minutes only... damn...........!!!!!! isshhh!!! that van was the same!! dont have poor feeling!!! ohhh... so, after this, i want to have a bath, prayer, n have some rest..!! feeling so tired lohhhh!!! ohhhhhh!!!!.. xguna!!! i need to go, bye... salam.. :/

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hahaha.. Im write again in same day...

Hi Everyone.. <3
I dont know why im so aggresive today.. haha.. and, u know what, im planing to sleep at 4.30 p.m, but, when im wake up, its already 8.30p.m.. OMG!! asar, maghrib was gone.. and, i forgot i was tution with teacher Pramindra at 3pm.. hahahahakk! how can i forgot? when i see my phone, there are many missed call from nenek, mama, n ibu... as it happened, my yayan was call.. n blablablaaaaa... 'why u sleep that time', 'why not studying' n blablabla.... huh... when call was ended, i woke up to the computer n facebook'ing'... thats shouldn't not i do when Spm's exam this year... fuhh.. then quickly have a bath and do my presentation 4 tommorow... so, now typing this in fearful of the time was gone!! ahhh... so, after this, i want to prayer... then eating, then sleep... tomorrow, i ironing the clothes and go to the who have a many enemies inside that... oohhh, u know what, in this day, when i sitted in front of school lobby, im shocked when a not really big girl falling in down of stair there..(acctually, the 'takak' one.. hahaha), i cant hold my laugh n ran out from there n laughing with the big smile n small eye in other place... one of my friend things i was crying, but im not.. i telling the story that catch live on my eye there.. hahaha..~ i telling to my cousin too, lyeah... she was not laughing but smile only bcause she dont know what going happened,.. she was in memories the ULBS sript there n remind me dont laugh at that girl.. poor that girl... huhuh.. so, i took my bag n goes to Dataran Ilmu when time out... so, that my story for today.. hahaha.. byebye.. salam.. gud nite.. :)

My Heart Feeling Now.. :(

Hi everyone.. <3
i dont know what my fault to other people.. its like their dont like me at all.. i dont know... like, when i laughing, i will laughing alone n they seeing like to kill me... please laa... i want to know about it.. they can slow talk to me n i will understand.. i dont want a non-comfortable feeling when a go to school n anywhere laa.. my studying will disturbed bcause of the bullshit thing like this...! i didnt mean all of people to like me, but, respect to my future to do what im what do... you!! other people who dont know what my despressed about my family n my mark in exam, dont shamed to me bcause im really to trying look happy in front of all people n friends.. dont just ask "ohh,.. rs kacak naa empuan tok" , "ko tok knak sot glak?" n know yourself laa.. i hope you know what im talking about.. it acctually, my life is not perfect like you look like.. their many things that can make myself hurts out n inside... what do you feeling when you talk to other people, but that people like doesn't even care what you talk about? me, as i know, never like that to other people.. why people do this for me? did i do something wrong? i want to cry but i cant.. i dont know why.. if you dont like my joking style, just tell me.. i know myself not beautiful like YOU but i know my self.. but, just remember, you cant make me down just bcause u A LITTLE BIT clever than me.. but, trust me, u can anytime goes down, n that time, i know what im feels... i know your family is not imperfect like, but, dont to be confident, bcause anytime that you cant realize something would happened.. when you make other people's life like that, you will get it 1 days does.. i didnt treating you, but life is like a wheel, n i thing i shouldn't explain bcause you already know.. you should happy what you have now, dont not satisfied that your own have.. bcause the world is not yours own... we only can planing, but only Allah S.W.T determine the thing... and, your can make my words, dont hurt any people when you feeling not satisfied to she/he bcause not at all people have a perfect life their own... okey.. that all..

Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Special Suprise!!!~ :)

Salam.. I have a idea to make a vlog to post to youtube for my friend's birthday.. but my camera was so big MP.. -.-
but nvm, i will do it for my lovely friends.. so i took their birthday's date to my calendar so will make a card for show it.. kehee..~~ maybe it will post lately bcause i need to buy a beautiful designed paper to make a card.. hahah... so, i think people probably wondering, how about my study for SPM? good question!! i have a lot of work hard for this year.. but still blur in Chemistry.. I have no idea for it.. so i will belonging my exercise to the teacher so she will checked.. so, thats all for now.. i pray to Allah s.w.t hope i will got 9a's for SPM.. -.-
My mama was so worried about me bcause spend to much time with Facebook.. :(
My mama is the best mama in the world.. she always prepared my study's home to make my marks better.. but she was in Kuching now... :'(
but, i understand her work as a Pensyarah will busy anytime.. at least, call me everyday make my missed gone a little bit.. :')

Saturday, February 5, 2011

OMG.... Im Form 5 Already...!!~ :)

Gonna Be Stress Now.... But, No Worried, My Mom Always Give Me A Spirit TO gOt It!!~~~ :')