Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hahaha.. Im write again in same day...

Hi Everyone.. <3
I dont know why im so aggresive today.. haha.. and, u know what, im planing to sleep at 4.30 p.m, but, when im wake up, its already 8.30p.m.. OMG!! asar, maghrib was gone.. and, i forgot i was tution with teacher Pramindra at 3pm.. hahahahakk! how can i forgot? when i see my phone, there are many missed call from nenek, mama, n ibu... as it happened, my yayan was call.. n blablablaaaaa... 'why u sleep that time', 'why not studying' n blablabla.... huh... when call was ended, i woke up to the computer n facebook'ing'... thats shouldn't not i do when Spm's exam this year... fuhh.. then quickly have a bath and do my presentation 4 tommorow... so, now typing this in fearful of the time was gone!! ahhh... so, after this, i want to prayer... then eating, then sleep... tomorrow, i ironing the clothes and go to the who have a many enemies inside that... oohhh, u know what, in this day, when i sitted in front of school lobby, im shocked when a not really big girl falling in down of stair there..(acctually, the 'takak' one.. hahaha), i cant hold my laugh n ran out from there n laughing with the big smile n small eye in other place... one of my friend things i was crying, but im not.. i telling the story that catch live on my eye there.. hahaha..~ i telling to my cousin too, lyeah... she was not laughing but smile only bcause she dont know what going happened,.. she was in memories the ULBS sript there n remind me dont laugh at that girl.. poor that girl... huhuh.. so, i took my bag n goes to Dataran Ilmu when time out... so, that my story for today.. hahaha.. byebye.. salam.. gud nite.. :)

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