Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Dairy...

Hi Everyone... <3
shitty van!! the van was pick up me n my cousin was leave we at the school... holyyy shitttt!!! dah laa memangg tired time ya... shittttt!!!! imagine that, no bath, no changing a clothes, no eat n blabla....!!!! im feeling lucky when tiffany was staying at school n after that go to library... before that, i meet sandra n daniel at the lobby... they made something funny... hahaha.. but, i still worried when i can go back home.. who can pick me? huhuhuh... after doing something at crazy at Dewan Teratai there(hehe), go to library with tiffany n my cousin... a thing make me disappointed, erwin n theopilus was joined,,,.. ohh... how can i feel comfortable at time,... n, guess what, i so shocking when Muiz coming tooo!!!!! ohhh... my cousin make some noise besides me n im feeling headache, at last, im joined together... hahahaha... we feeling lucky again when we meet Harith at bus stop, n Mok Zul n Mok Mislili can send we to home.... at last!!!! when, we was arrived, mama, ibu n nenek was calling... ohhh... especially, mama... she soo worried until i feeling pressure!!! she like blamed on me!! its not my fault!!!! its Bonicha!!!! she didnt tell van's uncle to wait a few minutes only... damn...........!!!!!! isshhh!!! that van was the same!! dont have poor feeling!!! ohhh... so, after this, i want to have a bath, prayer, n have some rest..!! feeling so tired lohhhh!!! ohhhhhh!!!!.. xguna!!! i need to go, bye... salam.. :/

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