Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Special Suprise!!!~ :)

Salam.. I have a idea to make a vlog to post to youtube for my friend's birthday.. but my camera was so big MP.. -.-
but nvm, i will do it for my lovely friends.. so i took their birthday's date to my calendar so will make a card for show it.. kehee..~~ maybe it will post lately bcause i need to buy a beautiful designed paper to make a card.. hahah... so, i think people probably wondering, how about my study for SPM? good question!! i have a lot of work hard for this year.. but still blur in Chemistry.. I have no idea for it.. so i will belonging my exercise to the teacher so she will checked.. so, thats all for now.. i pray to Allah s.w.t hope i will got 9a's for SPM.. -.-
My mama was so worried about me bcause spend to much time with Facebook.. :(
My mama is the best mama in the world.. she always prepared my study's home to make my marks better.. but she was in Kuching now... :'(
but, i understand her work as a Pensyarah will busy anytime.. at least, call me everyday make my missed gone a little bit.. :')

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