Sunday, March 13, 2011

Not Last Goodbye.. Insyaallah..

Hye.. <3
Kalau dulu update daily, sekarang dah update weekly.. there many thing that happen so i had no time n lazy to update blog... hehe.. so, i do simple updates in my Twitter.. (thanks to Twitter) Actually, i want to focus my study n not facing computer 24 hours so i can get a better mark in exam.. focus n focus n focus.. so, thats all for now..

A internet line become slow too, im lazy to wait like stupidity person sit on chair n wait.. haha.. acctually, i do this bcause im bored n prevent some one to borrow my ehemmm... hahaha.. kalau makan cili, terasa lah pedas kan? haha.. WTH lah... i dont like to sharing my stuff with other person.. if there can care like their own stuff, i be mine.. but, their wasnt not! okey.. after this i want to clear my room that look like 'perut manok' after two week exam.. haha.. i want to talk abot someone.. she is one of shitty person in my life.. she do what she want to do n say what she want to say... selfish wooh... i dont like to fight with her but she always make me felling arhhhh!! it too close to me, n mean that, aku mesti sabar n sabar... until what time, im not sure... she act like the world is she's own.. shit..! n she like to 'drama' too.. but, in my eyes, her 'drama' is bad!! ohh...!haha.. stupid person... so, what i will do to person like that?

<3 First, when she moody at me, i will do it too..

<3 she always make me feel down, so, just see her result in exam lah!! rasa pandey gilak.. tampar palak klak bruk tauk langit tinggi kah rendah...

<3 if she doing some thing that make me feel like the oil in frying, i will mad at her.. (i always control my anger to her bcause i dont want to make a non-comfortable situations.. but, i will do that.. peduli apa aku!!)

<3 this is me... i will do what thing i want to do.. who's she want to control n took my life? she is my mom? my yan? no!! she just a pig person..! haha.. all of you didnt know who is she.. so, mine my words yah? hahaha!

<3 if she do something bad to me, i will do it too 4 she.. surprise!!!! hahaha

so, like list above, i will do that! semua orang x kan tahan dengan perangai nya... MARK MY WORD! biar pun muka cantik kah buruk kah, peribadi biar lah baik.. kan3? okey, let go to another topic...

So, after this, i to taught myself to study harder... mybe, i will have a little look 4 youtube(ohh, i miss to upload my video..~), twitter(i will update daily.. Insyaallah..) n facebook(i will update it like a blogger.. sekali sekala jak).. hehehe.. n, who have view my blog, follow yah? i will follow u back..( i do! promise!)

after SPM, i will update this blog daily, and vlog to my friend.. have a litle look yah? kehee..!!~ :D

doakan kejayaan calon SPM tahun 2011.. kita boleh!!!

okey.. that all from me.. see you again... goodbye!!


Najwa. xx


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pray Is Important When We Got Bad News..

Hye Blog.. <3

Sorry for not updating you for a week.. so, many thing was happen in every life in every single people.. i mean, a people.. so, today, in midnight of Friday, i wrote this in a feeling of nerveous..! u know, the news from Japan shocked me 4 a minutes.. Tsunami hits Japan after earthquake.. Yaa Allah! then, its hits Philiphine too.. its was so close to borneo island, n, not impossible, it will hits borneo island too.. Ohh.. I just pray n pray n pray inside my heart.. i can't type my blog properly bcause my feeling so scared.. ok lah.. that all.. tommorrow, Insyaallah, i will update my blog again.. thanks you.. :')

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hye...!! (saturday night mod)..

Hi everyone.. <3
hahaha... i miss u, blog... hahaha.. miss for writing... miss for words.... haha..
so.. my story in everyday in this week... i have examination... so, sometimes, i blurr to answers the question... not sometime,,,, many time!!! adooiii... i didnt study....!! that why... after school, i will get my guitar n played for long hours n forget about the exam...!! ahhh... what a world making at!!!~~~ so, after chemistry(OMG) exam, rehat n.... i didnt do anything.... just sit on my chair.... my dream come... looking forward....~~ ........ n mahhhh!!! Nisaa shock me!!~ oohhh.... gugok jak jantung...!!~ huh!! when c. shahrul comes, everybody was busy about a sejarah's mark... oohh noo... not my helll.... not my helll.... not my hell!!! acctually, im worried... my mama said, 'if u not got good at physic n add math, i will fired your home's teacher!!!' what the hell!!!!!!!! i started in middle of Jan, but stop in marc??? hahaha.. i didnt... noo.... what i can do now....~~ no idea... ~~~~~~~ Aha!!!! i have idea!!! let go to another topic... i bored talk about a terible in my life.. there many thing was going on this week..~ i shocked when received news about Joanna passed away in Thursday night.. feel sorry for a hour.. :'( n, a van stopped takes me bcause i fired the... hahaha... padan muka!!! they always leave me baaaa... wtf laa.. n, blabla... im too tired to writing acctually.. maybe, another time i will tell you yahh... n, when holiday was start, i will go to Kuching...!! u know what? i dont like it very damn much!!! i dont like travelling... dont care about a transportation.... a car, van, bus or what another thing, i still dont like....!! my feels will not good baa.. please mama, i dont want a life like a suck like this... ohhh.... theirs many thing in my mind... it good if i take a bath right now... n pray... n sleep... tommorrow i have class.. ok then... bye.. salam...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

UP- SPM 1.. i scared!!

Hi Everyone.. <3
acctually, i dont know what wrong with me... i can write in blog or twitter, but why not in exam...? i was in blur n dont know what to do.... what wrong with me??? all of bm n bi essay hasnt complete!! i still mad myself... huhu... so, i know self, i will fail in bi n bm.. wtf laa... did i do something wrong? so, tomorrow, history's exam.. can i do that? i know i will take extra class for bm n bi... stress!! my mom hope i will get a good result from my older sis... please Ya Allah... Ku memohon pada Mu.. Berikan kejayaan kepada ku.. Amin... :'(
no one know my heart feeling except Allah s.w.t..