Sunday, March 13, 2011

Not Last Goodbye.. Insyaallah..

Hye.. <3
Kalau dulu update daily, sekarang dah update weekly.. there many thing that happen so i had no time n lazy to update blog... hehe.. so, i do simple updates in my Twitter.. (thanks to Twitter) Actually, i want to focus my study n not facing computer 24 hours so i can get a better mark in exam.. focus n focus n focus.. so, thats all for now..

A internet line become slow too, im lazy to wait like stupidity person sit on chair n wait.. haha.. acctually, i do this bcause im bored n prevent some one to borrow my ehemmm... hahaha.. kalau makan cili, terasa lah pedas kan? haha.. WTH lah... i dont like to sharing my stuff with other person.. if there can care like their own stuff, i be mine.. but, their wasnt not! okey.. after this i want to clear my room that look like 'perut manok' after two week exam.. haha.. i want to talk abot someone.. she is one of shitty person in my life.. she do what she want to do n say what she want to say... selfish wooh... i dont like to fight with her but she always make me felling arhhhh!! it too close to me, n mean that, aku mesti sabar n sabar... until what time, im not sure... she act like the world is she's own.. shit..! n she like to 'drama' too.. but, in my eyes, her 'drama' is bad!! ohh...!haha.. stupid person... so, what i will do to person like that?

<3 First, when she moody at me, i will do it too..

<3 she always make me feel down, so, just see her result in exam lah!! rasa pandey gilak.. tampar palak klak bruk tauk langit tinggi kah rendah...

<3 if she doing some thing that make me feel like the oil in frying, i will mad at her.. (i always control my anger to her bcause i dont want to make a non-comfortable situations.. but, i will do that.. peduli apa aku!!)

<3 this is me... i will do what thing i want to do.. who's she want to control n took my life? she is my mom? my yan? no!! she just a pig person..! haha.. all of you didnt know who is she.. so, mine my words yah? hahaha!

<3 if she do something bad to me, i will do it too 4 she.. surprise!!!! hahaha

so, like list above, i will do that! semua orang x kan tahan dengan perangai nya... MARK MY WORD! biar pun muka cantik kah buruk kah, peribadi biar lah baik.. kan3? okey, let go to another topic...

So, after this, i to taught myself to study harder... mybe, i will have a little look 4 youtube(ohh, i miss to upload my video..~), twitter(i will update daily.. Insyaallah..) n facebook(i will update it like a blogger.. sekali sekala jak).. hehehe.. n, who have view my blog, follow yah? i will follow u back..( i do! promise!)

after SPM, i will update this blog daily, and vlog to my friend.. have a litle look yah? kehee..!!~ :D

doakan kejayaan calon SPM tahun 2011.. kita boleh!!!

okey.. that all from me.. see you again... goodbye!!


Najwa. xx


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