Tuesday, March 1, 2011

UP- SPM 1.. i scared!!

Hi Everyone.. <3
acctually, i dont know what wrong with me... i can write in blog or twitter, but why not in exam...? i was in blur n dont know what to do.... what wrong with me??? all of bm n bi essay hasnt complete!! i still mad myself... huhu... so, i know self, i will fail in bi n bm.. wtf laa... did i do something wrong? so, tomorrow, history's exam.. can i do that? i know i will take extra class for bm n bi... stress!! my mom hope i will get a good result from my older sis... please Ya Allah... Ku memohon pada Mu.. Berikan kejayaan kepada ku.. Amin... :'(
no one know my heart feeling except Allah s.w.t..

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