Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ohh... I'm Realize That~~


salam.. hi blog.. n blogger~~ hehe.. so, today, i wanna tell something weird that happenned to me.. my mummy always buy a big packet of milo, nestum and biscuit to me before her go back to Kuching..(kuching very far from Bintulu..) a point that i wanna to tell you, why, how n when a small packet of milo and nestum missing one by one from my cupboard..? it's gone!!! that weird right?? then, TODAY, i found that my nestum in my cousin's box... ohh godd.. my head going to thing... n.... huh~~~ she trying to hide from me but can catch first before hide from me... haaa... kantoi kan? i can feel my blood boiling but i still can control it... adoiii... tak elok lah mencuri... i know, when my sis want to drink that, she will tell me first.. ahh....!! geram siot...~~ and then more thing, my aunt had break my PupuNunu yesterday after im back from school..!! im shocked n be patient.. thank to God because PupuNunu was safe.. fuhh... that PupuNunu..~ my sweetheart.. :D

cute kan kite? hehe..

poor 'she'... 'she' still scared at everyone right now.. :(
semoga cepat sembuh... :( amin..

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