Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What To do!!~~ :D

Hi Blogger~ <3

I'm typing this blogger with full of boring.. hahaha... but, my momma coming this day and brought donut.. hehe~~ my favourite.. actually, momma promised to me to come last Monday, but, momma very busy to checked student's papers.. so, today... yahh~~


adoii.. i'm fall in love with this song now but, eventually, i don't like malay's song.. but, i love Daiyan Trisha's voice ver MUCH when checked the youtube when i was 16th.. I'm youtuber's? ohh yess.. and i cover the song in my own way feeling.. :D at the down there, one of Daiyan Trisha's song~ enjoy.. :D

so, did you love she? hehehe.. me too..~~ <3


In a whole holiday ago, actually, i'm doing nothing.. just sleep, eat , playing computer(not playing, searching.. hehe) and back to sleep again.. hahaha!!~ :P


okey, talk about the music, i'm writing a song right now.. is that good? ohh.. not pretty perfect, but i thing good enough.. hehe... name of the song? i tell you, i'm doing the music before i'm finish the lyrics.. what the hell?? hahahah!!~ :P
pretty good feeling.. hahahah~!~ Sorry~~


so,, i'm finish!!!! tatata..~~ :D


Devonne xx